1/1 Studio is a collaborative studio, focused on creating, preserving, and revitalizing beautiful places through an open, transparent, and collaborative design process.

We are focused on creating quality environments that respond to the needs and aspirations of our clients and stakeholders. We believe that every project has a unique set of issues to be discovered and synthesized through an engaging and collaborative effort. With over 45 years of combined experience as architects and urban designers, we have learned the importance of continuity between small-scale and large-scale design. As such, our infill and renovation projects are always informed by the history and natural surroundings of their larger setting, while our master plans and design guidelines draw on the established language and patterns of the surrounding houses, buildings, streets, and blocks.


Good design should be accessible, intuitive, and easy to understand.

We believe that our clients and their stakeholders are the experts when it comes to their needs, goals, and visions. Our job as architects and designers is to facilitate the design process, contributing technical knowledge and expertise. Together, we will develop concepts, ideas, and strategies that are easy to understand and clearly presented. We will foster a working relationship that encourages questions, asks for constructive criticism, and seeks to find the best answer to your design problem.

The history and integrity of a place must be respected alongside the goals, aspirations, and visions of its people.

We believe in the embodied knowledge evident in the constant evolution of a neighborhood, town, or city, and in the stories and contributions of the people whose everyday experiences fill the place. 

The most sustainable places endure because they are beloved, responsive, and adaptive.

Sustainability is often described in terms of its physical, economic, and social benefits. We believe that there is also an energy in a place that is beloved by its inhabitants. Beautiful places endure because people care for them and treasure them. This is an important thing to bear in mind when designing anywhere, and highlights how critical it is to understand what makes places special. 

We must build on generations of experience and knowledge, while solving the problems of our time.

We believe that the key to solving our present-day issues is a critical understanding of history and the embodied knowledge of our forebears. We can bring back a tradition of well-crafted buildings that still embrace the spirit of this time and place. We can conduct transparent public processes and be open to grassroots solutions. We can understand context sincerely and deeply, knowing that this understanding is the root of authenticity.